Tuesday, September 30, 2008

About Me

Joanna over at The Soap Blog told us all about herself and challenged us to do the same. So here are some facts about me:

-I don't really like beer
-I like wine and girly drinks
-I've been allergic to bees every since getting stung 7 times at once when I was younger
-I can't whistle (my husband and daughter try endlessly to teach me)
-I'm 5'4"
-I weigh in at about 107 lbs
-I'm 28
-I wanted to be a nurse (doctors make more $ but work too much)
-I wanted to be a Muppeteer
-I worked in a ribbon factory
-I was a travel agent
-I worked as a daycare provider
-I love almost any type of Italian food, seafood(except oysters), or baked good
-I hate crowded stores
-I hate people who whine about their food being wrong in a restaurant just so they get it for free
-I'm originally from a small town in Pennsylvania
-I went to the same high school as Steve Burns from Blues Clues
-My middle name is Dawn
-My b-day is December 14, 1979
-I've owned 7 different cars
-I know how to drive a stick shift
-I have 17 piercings (16 on the ears and 1 bellybutton)
-I don't have any tattoos or any desire to get one
-I grew up going to the same church and high school as my husband but we didn't actually start dating until we graduated
-I got married in 2001
-I have a 5 year old daughter
-I have a cat named Mercedes
-I want a Yorkie and I'm going to name her Lexus (stop laughing)
-I love everything about soap
-I love to sleep but if I sleep too long I get headaches
-Dolls scare me (I think I've seen too many Child's Play movies)
-I love to read, knit, and crochet
-I hate sitting still

Well, like I said, I hate sitting still so I'm gonna go get some stuff done. I'm gonna pass along the challenge for everyone reading this to post a bit about yourself as well. Let me know if you do it. I'd love to read about you!


kim* said...

i was a puppeteer :) it really is as fun as it seems

Ally said...

That was fun to read!

I'll try to do this on my blog soon, I promise!