Tuesday, October 8, 2013

New products! Finally!

With the holidays coming and craft show season having already begun, I figured it's about time I roll out some new products! 

These sets contain a bar of soap, solid lotion stick, solid perfume, and soy wax melt. They currently come in 5 scents: Sandalwood Vanilla, Brown Sugar Vanilla, Sugar Dust, Jasmine, and Raspberry.

Soy Wax Melts!
These are made to add an amazing fragrance to your home by melting in your wax warmers. They are made with soy wax which burns clean and cleans up with soap and water. They currently come in 15 different scents.

These cuties will waddle right into your hearts. They are wintergreen scented glycerin soap. The perfect scent to wake you up in the morning!

Be sure to keep checking my shop for new items. I have some great ideas for the new year!