Thursday, May 21, 2015

It's Been Awhile...

Wow. I'm rather disappointed with myself. I just decided to hop on over here and write a little something cause it's been a few months...and I realize it's been A YEAR and a few months!! How did I let that happen??? So, I'll do an update post on what's been happening in the past year.

I had another baby!! And it's been so long that he's no even a baby anymore. He turned one in March!

Added some new products to the website:

And we're moving to Kentucky this summer!

This one was a big surprise for all of us. My husband was offered a new job and we decided it would be a good move for us. Which is one of the reasons I've been a little behind on things lately. Getting ready to sell a house and move 10 hours away with 3 children is a lot more work than you'd think it would be. My soap room has been turned back into a bedroom for showing purposes:

But I'm still working! I just have to keep pulling out my folding table and cleaning everything up immediately after I'm finished. All of my products are hiding behind those mirrored doors in that closet there. I'm keeping my inventory to a minimum right now so I don't have to move too much but I'd go crazy if I had to stop completely!

The move is already only about a month away! Which means I probably won't be posting again for awhile but I promise I'll show you my new place in Kentucky as soon as we find one. I'm looking for one with a good soaping room!