Friday, July 25, 2008

Whipped Soap

I finally got around to making another batch of whipped soap last night. I made it cotton candy scented and added blue and pink coloring. The color looked great last night (not so great in the pics so you'll have to take my word for it) but when I unmolded it this morning it looked more orange and green. Not what I wanted but still pretty.

I did a checkerboard pattern with the different colors. Here's the first layer:

Second layer:

Here it is this morning after I unmolded it. It was 12 hours later and it was still a bit warm and soft. I went ahead and cut it anyway. If you let whipped soap sit too long it will get too hard to cut.

Here are the cut bars curing on the shelves:

My daughter is going to love this one! She loves the scent and when she finds out that it floats, she'll be amazed:)


kim* said...

wow i never saw that process in my life! how awesome! thank you thank you!

Joanna said...

That sounds yummy!!

Nora said...

Nice soap! :D

sillie smile said...

i wish i could smell it... sounds wonderful!!

Nicole Solo said...

cool pattern :) Soapmaking is one of those crafts I am envious of!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful color choices, a definite must for yummy cotton candy! Love the whipped pattern & texture.