Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Great Perfume Debate

As most of you know, I currently make solid perfumes in little pots:

I started making these because they're easy to carry around in a bag since they're small and they don't spill.  Well, I started wondering if maybe I should sell other types of perfume as well.  I was going through some options and here's what I came up with:

Solid Perfume in a Pot
I like these because, as I said, they're small and spill proof.  The bad thing about them is having to rub your finger into it to apply it.

Solid Perfume in a Stick
These are also nice and portable.  With this option you can rub it directly onto your skin.

These are one of my favorites although I'm afraid to carry it in my purse for fear of spilling.

Also not one that I would carry around, just in case it spilled. 

Cost Issue:
Then there's the price factor on each.  The solid ones aren't as costly to make.  The plastic pots/tubes are inexpensive.  The roll-ons and sprays cost a bit more.  I'd prefer to use glass for those which off course makes the bottle more expensive.  From what I've been researching, the glass containers cost almost 4-5 times as much as the tubes/pots.  This would, of course, mean that 1/3oz of liquid perfume would cost a lot more than 1/3oz of solid perfume.  Is it worth it?

I would love to hear opinions on this!  Please comment below and take the poll to the right to help me decide what to do!


Linda Pruitt said...

If I like a scent, I usually don't carry it around with me and prefer a spray for after the bath. But if I were to carry it around with me I would prefer the solid form. What I pay for it entirely depends on if I love the scent!

Anonymous said...

although i haven't tried your solid perfumes yet, have you thought about putting them in a lip balm type of tube? i've used a few like those before and like them alot :)

Angie said...

Beth, I like that option too. Those are the "sticks" that I'm referring to. They're great because you can rub it right onto your skin.