Thursday, February 4, 2016

Throwback Thursday - How It All Began

For Throwback Thursday, how about a story about how I started my business?

I actually had no intentions of starting a business at all!  Every year I make a little something to add to everybody's Christmas gifts.  I had always wanted to make soap but never got around to doing it.  One day back in 2006, I was browsing Craigslist (I used to be obsessed with that site) and I came across somebody giving away all their soaping supplies.  Giving away.  For free.  Needless to say, I called them up right away.  Turns out they were moving and didn't want to take everything with them.  Why they didn't want to sell it is beyond me, now that I know how much that stuff was worth.  And I'm kicking myself for getting rid of some of the molds.  At the time they were way to big for me so I passed them along to other soapmakers. 

Well, that was my motivation to start on the Christmas projects.  Since I had never made soap before I decided to do melt and pour.  (The kind where you buy a base, melt it down to add your scent and color, and then pour it into molds)  Everybody loved it and kept trying to convince me to sell it!  I had tons of fun making it but I really wanted to be able to control the ingredients so I took a course on cold process soapmaking (making soap from scratch).  I did start selling the melt and pour soap at craft shows and Etsy while I was learning to make it from scratch. 

Some of my Christmas gift soaps:

Strawberry and Cream soap rolls.  One of the very first soaps in my Etsy shop. (And yes, this is the actual picture I used.  What was I thinking??)

After that I was hooked, and started learning to make more things like lip balms, body butters, and perfumes.  Before long, I was running a business! 

And here's one of my current soap pictures for a quick comparison.  What a difference!

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