Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My First Book Feature!

Awhile back I was interviewed by a local author about my Etsy shop.  He said he was writing a book about selling on Etsy and wanted to feature a few successful sellers.  A few weeks later he emailed me a draft copy of the book and then I forgot all about it.  Saturday I was shocked when I opened my mailbox and found this waiting for me:

Here's my feature!!

Sorry about the shadows on the pages.  I didn't want to smash the book in the scanner so I took pictures of the pages instead.

This is a great book for those wanting to start selling, or just starting out, on Etsy.  I just checked to see if it's been released yet and it looks like it came out on January 16th.  It's available at most book sites for about $9.  Tell me if you get a copy!


Helena said...

How exciting, congrats!

Sandy Weaver said...

Congratulations on being featured and published! Wow!