Monday, October 6, 2008

Name the Soap Contest!

I've decided to hold a contest to name the chocolate soap I blogged about earlier today. If I pick the name you submit, you'll win a free bar!

Enter as many times as you like. Winner will be chosen at noon on Friday!


RuJu said...

Special Dark Chocolate Chunk

^that sounds yummy!

Mary V. Smith said...

Looks like Dark Chocolate Fudge Delight!

Priscilla said...

Devil's Food Chip

droool. Reminds me of my friend's cake-cookies.

you're amazing/delicous.

Christopher And Tia said...

Um, I've got nothing. But, can I just say Yummmmm?

LeakyMouth said...

Chocolate Decadence

Digital Misfit said...

mmm that soap looks like pure calorie-free sin!

I would name it Cocoa Truffle.

Emmy Lou said...

Scrubalicious Chocolate

kim* said...


that sounds like the spanish way to say chocolate haha

contact me at

AlwaysInspired said...

How about Chocolate Melt Away.

meg said...

double fudge brownie
the "special" brownie
hot chocolate

looks awesome!

Ally said...

I have to remind myself that it's soap and not edible!

heather knitz said...

deep chocolate dream